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Music Lab Festival 2016

A festival for locals


Music Lab Festival 2016 envisions to promote emerging and promising local talents by producing original and top-quality concerts. Pillared by three major stage productions, the festival also exposes our audiences to a cohort of creative programmes, such as pre-concert salons and chatrooms, to curate a festival for and by the locals.






This concert consists a series of fast and difficult pieces which includes a higher level of techniques and knowledge of the pieces to perform their own style. This includes many famous high velocity pieces: Mephisto Waltz No.1, Turkish March, Carmen Variations etc.

Not only the auidence can appreciate how the pianist KaJeng Wong to perform the music, but also the looks, the fingers, the velocity and the excitement brings the auidences being amused and pleasant.


Genre: Piano solo recital
Date : 21.2.2016
Time : 8 PM
Venue : Hong Kong City Hall, Concert Hall


Travel in Expressions  

Music being as expressions, this concert is consisted vocal and piano to perform a wider range of expressions, as like as travel over our life among those music. The Spirit travels through time, experiences life via the depth of expression and the juices of joy and sorrow. The Spirit inspired the great Brahms to dedicate four serious verses from the bible in the anticipation of Clara Schumann’s death, in which he delivered feelings of life, death, faith, hope and charity; Vaughan Williams was inspired to share his love of poetry. His work Songs of Travel was an experience only possible in the abstractive arts. These let the audience can exposure into the journey, enjoy and feel the aesthetics of music.

Alison LAU
Alexander WONG
Caleb WOO

Genre: Chamber music concert
Date : 2.3.2016
Time : 8 PM
Venue : Hong Kong City Hall, Theatre


Set Tone Men

Battle of Voices

This is a tale of two kingdoms.

They are descendants of two distinguished bloodlines: the voice and instrument. The former, being the most organic and instinctive musical instrument, is the origin of all musical possibilities. The latter, also called the harmonica, is the new frontier of musical colours and nuances.

The Kings of Veloz are no conservatives. Inheriting a great tradition, they carry their ancestors’ legacy with audacious attempts and experiments. Their music is heard in auditoriums, on the streets, in the corners and the cyberworld. Their sound is unheard of, unimaginable, unbelievably exciting and unexpected. They are true warriors of sound.

The Knights of Set Tone Men are quick with their steps, and rich in their tone. Often stepping into no man’s land, they inspire us in a distant yet familiar nostalgia with their arranged cantopop and foreign tunes. Their rearrangements are afresh; the pieces never sound quite the same under the Knight’s voice. God forbids, they are smashingly good-looking too.

You will witness a battle between the two kingdoms. These bloodlines will present the world the best of their craft, the niche of their sound, the magic of their ensemble.

May the distinguished deserve their crown – The Voice of Voices.

Harmonica Quartet
Set Tone Men
A cappella Group

Genre: Harmonica quartet x a cappella
Date : 16.3.2016
Time : 8 PM
Venue : Hong Kong City Hall, Concert Hall


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