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Music Lab Festival 2018-old

Classic, Timeless, Original


As Asia’s World City, Hong Kong’s cultural influence stems from its mixed heritage of Chinese culture and Western colonisation. Its cultural identity has reached the farthest ends of the earth. In the past decades, Hong Kong has transformed itself into a capital of art and cultural endeavours, all through the efforts of the unique populace who give the city its vibrant personality and colour.

It is in this spirit that Music Lab Festival celebrates Hong Kong’s best talents to present a series of concerts of the highest originality, dynamism and artistic quality. Centred on classical and original music by local artists, Music Lab Festival aims to display the originality of the city’s young music-makers, compose the new sound of tomorrow, and reimagine Hong Kong itself.

Music Lab Festival 2018 offers three productions, each one corresponding to a pillar of our vision statement: Classic; Timeless; and Original. This year, Music Lab is also proud to launch a recording project, and to bring past productions to other cities. We at Music Lab are grateful to have gained your support in the past years, as your continuous support is the most important ingredient of our success.


So French

Genre: Experimental Chamber Music
Date: 1 June 2018
Venue: Sheung Wan Civic Centre, Theatre
Musicians: Samuel AU, LAI Bo-ling, Alison LAU, KaJeng WONG

The French culture has been drawing artists from various corners of the world to its very core in Paris. The Impressionism movement since the 1860s have inspired artists such as Degas, Monet, Renoir, Gauguin; these friends also painted on similar objects such as the moon, the birds, water, the evening, the nature.

Beyond the visuals, Debussy, Ravel, Faure the ones followed were also inspired by the newly discovered aesthetics. They seemed to echo each other with tone-painting techniques and also explored into new realms of compositional style that influenced the next generation.

So French is a conceptual concert that combines the visuals and the audio. As well as being a traditional chamber concert, our artists engage into a journey of self-indulged moments in the ephemeral atmosphere of the everdisappearing sound, and ever moving scenes.


Lost in Time

Genre: Crossover Pop
Date: 27-28 April 2018
Venue: Hong Kong Arts Centre, Shousan Theatre
Musicians: CY LEO, Joyce CHEUNG, Ricky WONG

Harmonica world champion CY Leo will lead the project Lost in Time  to start off our Music Lab Festival 2018. CY promises to deliver smashingly pleasurable listening experience by infusing the boundaries of signature pops in different eras, to be lost in time from classics to the modern pop.

Lost in Time  assembles the greatest hits of pop from different eras, to be arranged by jazz arrangers, Joyce Cheung and Ricky Wong. The production on one hand reviews the timeless value of music, while experiments the capacity of the harmonica to deliver a spectrum of music genres in different ages on the other. The performance will also be aided by multimedia projections and sets, to portray creative and stylistic elements in different eras.


Smash: Originals

Genre: Originals
Date: 21 June 2018
Venue: The Grand Hall, Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong
Ensemble: SMASH (CY Leo, Timothy SUN, KaJeng Wong)

Following the success of Pop Classics Jazz  and Tribute to Modern Classics, SMASH will enter into the grounds of finding its original sound with authentic compositions by our team of composers and arrangers. The SMASH trio comprises of the most expressive saxophone tone, the most energetic harmonica performer, the most versatile pianist, and its engine of top players.

Widely anticipated for its next project, SMASH will continue its fire, energy and passion, translating these elements into a fiery and most exciting concert for our audiences in 2018.