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CY Leo



Leo is an emerging chromatic harmonica virtuosic player and singer-song writer. He has accumulated 17 international championships since 2006. In October 2013, Leo made his debut in the World Harmonica Festival, and excelled among all contestants by seizing the championship in the Test Piece Chromatic Harmonica Solo category, which is renowned as the highest honour for a chromatic harmonica player.

Under the tuition of Mr. Lee Sheung-ching, Leo has gained exposure to classical harmonica training since 6. He then went on the study with Watani Yasuo from Japan, Sigmund Groven from Norway and Willi Burger from Italy respectively, during his exploration on classical music.

Only at the age of nineteen, Leo has already been invited to be the adjudicator in various international harmonica festivals. His performance reveals extraordinary flexibility, ranging from classical, jazz, R&B, to rock music. The talent has sparkled off both local and international recognition. He was invited to perform in the two most renowned international festivals in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Art Festival 2010 and on the main stage of Clockenflap 2015. Meanwhile, he is often performing in numerous countries within Asia, Europe and North America, receiving high acclaim on his virtuosic technique and unique musical interpretation. He is also currently the international endorser at the Honher Music.