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Year-round Initiatives

Innovative and original productions over the year


Freedom in the Shadows Chamber Music Concert

Never yielded, our giants yearned for freedom in shadows,

Withered their bodies may be, their spirits

Never waned; they may be

Gone, but their ethos will pass on.


Piano Trio No.2 in E Minor, Op.67 – Shostakovich
KaJeng Wong (Piano), Gary Ngan (Violin), Artem Konstantinov (Cello)

Violin Sonata No.1 in F Minor, Op.80 – Prokofiev
KaJeng Wong (Piano), Mark Hui (Violin)

Piano Quintet No.2 in A Major, Op.81 – Dvořřák
KaJeng Wong (Piano), Gary Ngan (Violin), Mark Hui (Violin), Samuel Pang (Viola), Artem Konstantinov (Cello)

KaJeng WONG Piano
Mark HUI Violin
Gary NGAN Violin
Samuel PANG Viola

Genre: Chamber music concert
Date : 2.2.2015
Time : 8 PM
Venue : Hong Kong City Hall, Theatre


KJ Solo Piano Recital: 

Tribute to Death


Death is inevitable, yet a taboo. The mystery of death has formed our culture, haunted our civilization, shadowed our existence.

Pianist KaJeng Wong brings us an unconventional recital, “Tribute to Death”, programming the masterpieces by Beethoven, Liszt and Fauré amongst his sharing on philosophy of life and death.


Piano Sonata No.31 in A-flat major, Op.110 – Beethoven

Sonata in B minor, S.178 – Liszt

Requiem in D minor, Op.48 (Transcribed for Solo Piano) – Fauré-Naoumoff


Genre: Piano solo recital
Date : 3.11.2014
Time : 8 PM
Venue : Hong Kong City Hall, Concert Hall


Open Lab @ Fringe Club

Open Lab now in Fringe Club!

From Baroque to Jazz, pianist KaJeng Wong will perform and share about music with you, with a drink in your hands!


Genre: Piano solo recital
Date : 18.10.2014
Time : 8 PM
Venue : Dairy, Fringe Club


Music Lab Seasonal Finale: Made in Hong Kong

Music Lab’s Seasonal Finale Made from and Made in Hong Kong is a multi-disciplinary production that aims to experiment the fermentation between orchestral music with visual elements. Under the baton of conductor Wilson Ng, Music Lab Orchestra will jointly present several orchestral works with renowned pianists Nancy Loo and KaJeng Wong. A variety of visual elements go along with the music, with illustrations by Oychir, photographs by Cheung Chi Wai and paintings by Vivian Ho will explore topics such as Hong Kong’s historical development, the forgotten island and also issues related to our identities.


Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune – Debussy

Mother Goose Suite – Ravel

Rhapsody in Blue – Gershwin

Pictures at an Exhibition - The Piano Concerto (Asia Premiere) – Mussorgsky-Naoumoff

Nancy LOO Piano
KaJeng WONG Piano
Wilson NG Conductor
Music Lab Orchestra

Visual Artists:
Prescott LAW Illustrator
CHEUNG Chi Wai Photographer
Vivian HO Illustrator

Genre: Orchestra x Multi-media
Date : 4 & 13.8.2014
Time : 8 PM
Venue : Hong Kong City Hall, Concert Hall


Rachel & Friends Chamber Music Concert



Sonata K381 in D Major – Mozart
Piano : Rachel Cheung,  KaJeng Wong

Piano Trio No. 1 in D Minor, Op. 49 – Mendelssohn
Flute : Wilson Ng
Bassoon : Chan Ting Yuen, Timothy

Piano Quintet No. 1 in F minor, Op. 34 – Brahms
Violin : Doris Lee, Sharon Chan
Viola : Chris Choi
Cello : Jia Nan
Piano : Rachel Cheung

Rachel CHEUNG Piano
KaJeng WONG Piano
Wilson NG Flute
CHAN Ting Yuen, Timothy Bassoon
Doris LEE Violin
Sharon CHAN Violin
Chris CHOI Viola
JIA Nan Cello

Genre: Chamber music
Date : 25.4.2014
Time : 8:15 PM
Venue : Hong Kong City Hall, Theatre

140109_poster05-01-01-01 (1).jpg

When Love Encounters

Tribute to the first East-meet-West Valentine Festival since 1995, Music Lab portrays the intimacy between the butterfly and the flower, featuring singer Hubert Wu and Mezzo-Soprano Melody Sze. Music Lab Orchestra, conducted by Wilson Ng, will also introduce the eternal triangle among Johannes Brahms, Robert Schumann and Clara Schumann with two selected symphony movements by the respective composers.

01. Love Blossoms

Love crushes.
It shares and discovers, excites and surprises.
Love is passionate, so is it peaceful.


Selections from The Phantom of the Opera

Symphony No.4 in E minor, 1st Movement – Brahms

Theme Music from "Howl's Moving Castle"

Chase (Original: Leslie Cheung) – Popular Songs by Hubert Wu

02. Love Withers

Love Hurts.
Fantasy breaks, reality steps in.
Arguments emerge.
Disappointment floods.
Promises fringed, questions asked, passion fades.


I Dreamed A Dream – "Les Misérables"

On My Own – "Les Misérables"

Symphony No.5 in E minor, 2nd Movement – Tchaikovsky

The Butterfly Lovers & Enlightenment – Popular Songs by Hubert Wu

03. Love Perpetuates

Love sublimes.
We understand, accept, and blend.
It protects, respects and supports.
Love is forever.


Married Life – "Up"

Theme Music from "Forrest Gump"

Symphony No.4 in D minor, 3rd and 4th Movements – Schumann

One Life, One Heart & Love is eternal (Original: Jacky Cheung) – Popular Songs by Hubert Wu

Hubert WU Singer
Melody SZE Mezzo-Soprano
Wilson NG Chief Conductor
Music Lab Orchestra

Genre: Crossover
Date : 13.2.2014
Time : 8 PM
Venue : Tsuen Wan Town Hall, Auditorium


Music x Dream Stand-up Comedy

The impossibly funny, creative and unconventional pianist Cheung Ping will bring to us a Stand-Up Comedy X Musical Recital, exploring "Why Study Music?"

Different from any conventional recitals, this performance comprises a unique blend of piano recital and stand-up comedy, interspersing original-composed music with sarcastic talks and personal stories.

CHEUNG Ping Script-writer, Composer & Performer
LAU Chi-Ho Composer & Performer
LIU Wing-Sum, Iris Composer & Performer

Genre: Crossover
Date : 29.12.2013
Time : 8:15 PM
Venue : Hong Kong Science Museum Lecture Hall


Premiere Concert

Explore life with themes of ‘Departure’, ‘Lost’ and ‘Reunification’ by KaJeng Wong with works of Schubert, Schumann and Scriabin. Also featuring Music Lab Orchestra’s debut with Beethoven’s Symphony No.3 ‘Eroica’.


Season of Life – KaJeng Wong Piano Recital
Friday, December 6, 2013



Impromptu in C Minor, D899 No.1 - Schubert

Sonata No.3 'State of Soul' - Scriabin


Impromptu in E-flat Major, D899 No.2 - Schubert

Sonata No.5 'Poem of Ecstasy' - Scriabin


Fantasy in C Major, Op.17 - Schumann


Chemistry – Music Lab Orchestra Debut
Saturday, December 7, 2013


Fantasia in F Minor, D.940 - Schubert

Sextet for Piano and Winds Op.100 - Poulenc

Piano Quintet Op.1 No.1, 1st and 3rd movements - Dohnányi

Symphony No.3 in E-flat Major 'Eroica', Op.55 - Beethoven

KaJeng WONG Piano
Rachel CHEUNG Piano
Wilson NG Chief Conductor
Music Lab Orchestra

Genre: Piano solo recital & Orchestral concert
Date : 6-7.12.2013
Time : 8 PM
Venue : Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Jockey Club Auditorium