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鋼琴 / 鍵盤 / 編曲

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Ricky Wong is a Hong Kong based pianist, keyboardist and a self-taught composer. He started taking piano lessons at the age of 7 and has studied with Hong Kong's renown musician Ted Lo, Tony Carpio and Universal Classics & Jazz recording artist Chihiro Yamanaka.

Wong has been an active musician since 2011. He has performed in various occasions and venues with differing artists and groups including Joey Ou, Lee Lung Kei, Angela Pang, Jun Kung, Siu Fei, Endy Chow, Jason Chan, Bianca Wu, Jolie Chan, Phil Lam, Mag Lam, Dear Jane, Gin Lee, Shandy Gan, Jeffro Chan, Shiga Lin, Kit@Chochukmo, Stranded Whale and Matzka (TaiWan).

In December 2012, Ricky formed the band ‘maRK’ alongside fellow accomplished musicians Marcus Ho, Anna Fan and Kenny KC Lin. In early 2013 maRK released their first EP ‘Jump Start’ which consists of Wong’s original compositions. The band gained recognition in no time and have since played in various music festivals including Beijing Jazz Music Week, Beishan Jazz Festival, Hong Kong International Jazz Festival and the International Jazz Day concerts.